Food Sensitivity Testing



Symptoms of chronic food reactions are not always directly observable as they are due to issues of metabolism and can take days to manifest. Almost any food can cause an adverse reaction. There is no food that is ideal for everyone. Ongoing food challenges put a significant strain on the immune system, and often cause damage and inflammation to the intestinal wall. Avoidance of the offending foods as well as appropriate supplemental support allows the digestive system to heal in a relatively short period of time.


The Food Sensitivity Testing Process:


A painless, non-invasive approach is employed for testing foods. The radial pulse is monitored while samples of different food substances are introduced into the energy field of the individual. Each food carries its own energetic resonance and energy is information. As the substance is introduced near the body, the body's energy field reads that information. If that particular food is going to put a stress on your body (as opposed to nourish it) the sympathetic nervous system will cause the pulse to spike or quicken. This is the alarm going off in the body. This is a food to be avoided at this time.


Alternatively, muscle testing is used for babies, small children and those with an irregular heart beat who may difficult to test through the pulse method.



Hidden Food Sensitivities are often at the root of many mental & physical conditions including:



Auto-immune Disorders

Behavioural Issues

Bowel Disorders

Brain Fog

Chronic Infections

Dark Circles underEyes


Digestive Problems


Food Addictions/Cravings



Weight Issues


Learning Disabilities

Skin Conditions