Effectively dissolve and release old subconscious patterns that keep you from moving forward physically, mentally, emotionally.


Today you are the sum of all that you have experienced since you were conceived. Your past experience colours the way you perceive and interact with the world around you. We are generally quite aware of the emotions and feelings that are with us on a day to day basis but now consider that the majority of our emotions that we carry are subconscious or below our level of awareness. It is the subconscious patterns that we must address as this is where we will find that our self sabotaging behaviours originate.


Inspired by Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness and Dr. R.K. Ebert's Attractor Field Technique, the focus of Emotional Clearing is to release negative energy patterns from the body thereby raising our level of consciousness; how we habitually experience and think about life.


  • feel a greater sense of command over your life

  • find yourself less vulnerable to physical ailments

  • view the world with greater perspective

  • free yourself from negative circumstances that seem to keep you trapped.


Exponentially increase the effectiveness of Emotional Clearing by supplementing with ASEA at the same time. As the physical body heals, emotional patterns are released at the cellular level. Serious healing!