Native to the body.

100% Non-toxic

No Contra-indications with medications.



Health from the inside out.


Renu 28

Health from the outside in.


ASEA Cellular Health

ASEA Redox Supplement & Renu 28 


In the many years that I have worked in the holistic health field I have never seen one product do so much for so many people as I have seen with ASEA. Perplexed as to why people had to work so hard to try to get healthy or maintain their health, ASEA appears to provide the missing piece of the puzzle.


What is ASEA? A scientific breakthrough recently thought impossible, ASEA is trillions of stabilized redox signaling molecules identical to those produced within the cells of the body.


What does it do? ASEA improves critical communication at the cellular level, greatly improves immune function & increases antioxidant effectiveness by more than 500%.


Why do we need it? As stated, the redox signaling molecules in ASEA are native to the body but as we age our body produces fewer of these molecules and with our body in hyper-repair mode due to mental & physical stress, chemical, toxin & radiation exposure, even excess exercise we quickly use what the body is capable of producing and are left with a deficit. When we nourish the body with these critical molecules it is able to maintain itself in balance and harmony as we know it should.


In May of 2014 the company introduced this profound technology in the form of a topical gel and called it Renu 28 (referring to the ideal renewal cycle of the skin). Results have been nothing short of astounding. The beauty of applying these redox signaling molecules to the outside of the body is that the fast visible results demonstrate what is happening inside your body with ASEA.

There is something very unique and exciting about ASEA. In my practice I test everything that I recommend for compatibility with my clients. I have never seen anything like ASEA. Everyone’s body seems to be craving these stabilized redox molecules. That combined with the profound results I have witnessed and experienced leads me to the conclusion that this is indeed our biggest deficiency; the foundation for healing to occur. Supplementing with ASEA also eliminates the need  for many other supplements.


Corrie Danielis, ROHP/RNCP